Get the currencies for your next trip or change the ones that are left over

Find someone close to you who wants your currency or who has the ones you are looking for
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Near you

Easily find someone in your area that wants to buy or sell your same currency. In your neighborhood, near your office, at the airport, at the train station, in your university…

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Save 99% of the bank fees

Change your cash currency much cheaper than in a bank


Forget about losing your time to find the best place to change the money you need. In only 3 steps you’ve got it all done and… go fly! We make your life easier.



Offer or find the currency

If you want to swap the leftover cash currency you have after a trip, simply post your offer and wait for someone to contact you.

If you are looking for cash currency for your next trip, just post what you need and find the best offer near you.


Meet with someone near you

Chat with someone in your city and meet to swap the money.


Exchange the money

Meet with the person, swap the cash and talk about your trips! After that, tell us that you have closed the deal and rate your new friend.